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~* why live life from dream to dream*~

~*and dread the day when dreamming ends~*

20 June
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My name is Rachel
3 days grace, acdc, acting, akon, americas next top model, angelina jolie, animals, art, bare minerals, basketball, bed head, ben & jerrys, biters, black, black hair, black nail polish, blond hair, blood, blue, books, boys kissing boys, brad pitt, bruce almighty, burberry, cameras, cameron diaz, candy, carmen electra, cartoons, cats, catwalk, chapstick, charlie hunnam, chocolate, ciara, clothes, colors, concerts, cooking, costo, dakota fanning, dancing, david bowie, death becomes her, dirt, dirty dancing, disney chanel, earings, eva mendez, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fairly odd parents, fake nails, family guy, fast cars, football, friends, fruit, gap, gemini, girls who kick ass, glitter, green, guns n roses, gwen stefani, hair, history, horror movies, ice, jennifer gardner, jessie mccartney, johny deep, kiera knightly, killing spiders, knives, korn, kylie minogue, lip biting, lipgloss, mac, make up, mall, mambas, marlyn manson, maroon 5, mcdonalds, meryl streep, milla jovovich, motercycles, moulan rouge, movies, music, my chemical romane, nail polish, natalie portman, new york, nicole kidman, nirvana, oprah, orlando bloom, paris, paul walker, peircings, pink, poetry, point 1, point pleasant, politics, postal service, prada, project runway, reading, red hot chili pepers, rings, river phoenix, rod stewart, s.l.c punk, scarface, seattle, sex pistols, shopping, simple life, simpsons, skittles, snakes, snow boarding, snowboarding, soccer, spongebob, strange love, sunglasses, surreal life, sweatshirts, taking back sunday, tattoos, tcby, thats so raven, the 70's, the 80s, the oc, the real world, tomato soup, van halen, vondutch, war of the worlds, weezer, will and grace, writing, yellow